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#79894 - 05/27/03 10:05 PM sexing guineas

We recently acquired 9 guineas, we paid a lot for them. They were mature and they were laying. Well our dumb dog who is afraid of chickens has killed all of them. We are left with 9 eggs which are in the incubator cooking. Is there any way of telling the sex before they start laying eggs? I have read everything I can and have basically found that there are a couple ways to tell sex, one is their voice and the other obviously is laying eggs. Does anyone who has experience with guineas know of a way besides those I mentioned. The dog is free to anyone willing to give her a good home. She is a mostly pure black lab. Also, what do I feed the keets when they arrive. Is chick starter ok or do they need game bird feed?

#79895 - 05/28/03 12:53 PM Re: sexing guineas
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Yeah everybody mentions sexing by voice but this is useless if there's more than 5 guineas or trying to catch the same exact bird that let out a male or female sound- they don't vary in their individual appearence very much! Never mind this will not work when selecting from caged guineas at an auction, etc..

Males can be differnated from the females by their wattles and crests. Males have larger and rounder wattles, often they also stick out sideways away from the face (but it is common for them not to stick out, or have one wattle stick out, and other one does not..), their crests usually are larger and stick up straighter. Females have smaller, more diamond shaped wattles and their crests tend to be more hooked than the male's.

#79896 - 05/30/03 10:47 PM Re: sexing guineas

at the young age- the hens will have whiter heads- but you must watch the angle that you see them at.
the males will have little blockheads and the hens a more streamlined head as second moult chicks. this is when they have dots.
the one thing to look for is 'different" appearance- in a lot of mix chicks from a sale or auction. you do not want all chicks looking alike- usually all males.


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