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#80429 - 03/16/09 12:26 PM What are guineas good for?
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I had a guineas until a couple of weeks ago (coon got him), but to be honest I'm not really sure what people do with them other than as a pet (which is basically what we had them for). They were a last second purchase as we got new chicks at the farm store. Are they a good eating bird? Do they lay a good eggs? I know they eat bugs, but I cant have any free rangers (pesky neighbors!). I housed them with my chickens and everybody seemed happy, but I 'm not gonna get new ones if all they're gonna contribute is higher feed bills and poop.

#80430 - 03/16/09 06:43 PM Re: What are guineas good for?
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They are a dark meat (kinda wild taste I'm told).Eggs are higher in protein and smaller. If you cannot free range( for the same - neighbors)they're really not good for anything unless you can hatch raise to 4 weeks and sell them. good luck. Rusman

#80431 - 03/16/09 09:42 PM Re: What are guineas good for?
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They are known as noisy bug eaters and "watchdogs", for hawks and varmints. So for some, can be useful. And they come in beautiful plumage. I don't want any, but enjoy seeing them! CJR

#80432 - 03/18/09 08:59 AM Re: What are guineas good for?
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My Aunt Faye use to tell me that you couldn't run fast enough to give her a Guinea. I didn't listen to her.
I have a modest flock of 40+ guineas on average that free range our place. I would never have guines that are penned but I know that some do. When I trap them in large pens to sell them it is like a rodeo to catch them.

In France they are the poultry meat of choice and they have what is known as French guineas that are much larger than our average guineas. They are also reported to be much more aggressive.


#80433 - 03/18/09 03:52 PM Re: What are guineas good for?
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Yes they are aggressive, they will circle around my peacock and jump at him and pull his feathers, it reminds of the old movies where the Indians circled the wagons. I have to go out and chase the little buggers off. There will be 4 or 5 of them and they will circle him until they get their chance and then jump him. They are about to lose their happy home.

#80434 - 03/18/09 05:22 PM Re: What are guineas good for?
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Yes, we got some to help keep snakes down. We have rattlesnakes something fierce, and I worry for my small kids. The guineas are noisy and mean. They attack our chickens, pull the feathers out and for no good reason! They will just pick one hen to abuse. The first snake I see this summer, the guineas are gone.

#80435 - 04/03/09 08:51 PM Re: What are guineas good for?
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chickiemom...try some peafowl for snake control. They also aren't as hyper as guineafowl. I have both, but the guineas can be brutal to each other even. I sometimes have to break up the bullying that goes on..

#80436 - 04/20/09 06:09 AM Re: What are guineas good for?
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We've raised guineas for quite a few years and I'll freely admit that they take some getting used to. However they are tick and grasshopper eaters par excellence and they have forced the snake population to become strictly nocturnal (could be good OR bad ;-).

The meat is quite a bit like pheasant minus the #6 shot and the young ones (3-5 mos) are quite tender. The eggs are indistinguishable from chicken eggs when fried or in omelettes or used in baking: they are smaller, of course, so we use them in a 3 to 2 ratio.

The only fowl on the place to which they give a reluctant berth are the geese and the muscovy ducks. They won't attack a peabird one to one but they will gang up on a bird that's 'uppity'. Some are penned and some roam wild: when kept as a pair or a trio they aren't too bad in behaviour but very many more than that then they have a 'pack' mentality.

We've kept several varieties but only have the Coral Blues at present. I like the Common Pearls and the Powder Blues but the hens of all the varieties we've hitherto raised have been lackadaisical mothers (but if I were a cat, I wouldn't count on it :-).

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#80437 - 04/22/09 06:07 AM Re: What are guineas good for?
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Thanks Paul, that explains alot. I was begining to think I had peacenic guineas, because I didnt have the aggression problems that the others are reporting, but I only had 2 (they're both dead). I've decided not to get more. Can't let them roam the yard, and the wife doesn't likee dark meat, so I don't see any point to it. They'd just eat and poop. I've got foodmore bills and poop piles. Maybe someday when I've got more property. Thanks All


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