Thursday I looked out the window to check on the peas because they were out of the yard. Just as I looked I saw one running to the house with a dog right behind him, he took flight and landed in yard. This dog is sweet and stays out with some chickens at the driveway. Well I screamed at the dog and it went home so I went to gather the other peas from under the neighbors trailer house. I had to bribe them out and they came out with there necks fluffed out and cautious. Got them in yard and went about chores, 1 hour later the one pea was laying around, head up and would groom but not close to the others.They stay side by side. I threw out bread and he wasn't interested. I watched him close he wouldn't eat anything, I scrammbled eggs for him, no good, his poop was black. Could ant posion do this? worms or this stress. I can't find any external problems. The other seem fine. He was a little thin friday and fought me hard. All around 6mos. old. What would be the dose for peas, with levimiacin.
Thanks for any help.