Here’s the scenario. I had two peahens that were two years old. Acquired a peacock (unknown age) last spring. I built a 16X16’ pen and put the three birds in it. The male (Popi) formed a bond with one of the hens, and now I have five babies that are almost three months old. About a month ago I threw the other hen (Gypsy) and Popi out of the enclosure because there seemed to be too much squabbling with the babies. Popi and Gypsy have adapted to being free and staying home.

Here’s the question. I have a friend down the street (very rural area) who would like to have peacocks on his property. His property is a little less than ½ mile (as the peacock flies). I am thinking that if I take a couple of the babies down there now, they will stay with him without a problem. I am a little leery about letting the babies free-range now. Are they old enough?

I’m thinking of telling him to create a safe enclosure for them, feed them there, then turn them loose after about a week. He has this really tall detached carport and I think they will roost there if he puts some cross beams in it for them.

Any ideas about any of this is greatly appreciated.