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#80613 - 08/13/06 09:32 PM Laying questions

We've been given a couple turkeys, male and female, and we've got a couple questions, as we've never had these before.

Are they like chickens, not needing the male to lay eggs?

Also, at what age does a female turkey generally start laying?

The tom is already 32 pounds, so we're preparing to slaughter him some time soon.

(These are not the broad-breasted breed.)

Thanks in advance!

#80614 - 08/13/06 11:58 PM Re: Laying questions
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Females do not need a male to begin laying. It's the increase in light that usually begins the laying cycle. Commercially, hens begin laying around 24-32 weeks of age. Beware, your hen may go broody. She may try to hide her eggs from you. You will want to find this nest otherwise you'll get a bunch of rotten stinkbombs..UGH! With green/black slime that shoots out at you when dropped. Anyway, she will probably hold out on you until Spring when the increase in light is evident. Hens usually need 14-16 hours before the egg-laying hormone is induced and egg production begins. You won't get many eggs from her I'm afraid. They, like geese, only lay a few eggs at a time. Most hens only lay 75-100 eggs per season. But, those are the White Commercial turkeys. Do you know what kind of turkeys you have?


If you know the breed, you may be able to look up some helpful info on the internet about them.

#80615 - 08/14/06 07:24 AM Re: Laying questions

No, I don't know what kind these turkeys are. They look like the "traditional" kind that we associate, through pictures, with Thanksgiving-- big, dark feathers and all.

They were hatched early this last spring.

Thanks for your info!

- Cathy

#80616 - 09/08/06 06:58 AM Re: Laying questions

I have Royal Palm Turkeys, and my hens lay in the
Spring and Fall. Many a evening I have had to find where one decided to nest and bring her in at night. This summer one of the hens hatched some chicken eggs-funny to see a white and black turkey running around with baby black chicks. I have to admit, I decided to let nature do her thing, and the first few babies did not survive because the hen wasn't very attentive. This last week she has successfully hatched 7 baby palms and one other hen hatched a duck egg. I tried to separate them, but mom had a fit and the duck wanted her momma turkey. Unfortunately not every egg they have sat on is fertilized-and stink bombs is a great description!! best wishes


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