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#80725 - 01/03/04 10:07 AM turkey eggs

Greeting and Happy New Year!
I just got into poultry in October and have chickens and turkeys. Turkeys (tom/hen - Royal Palm and tom/hen Bourban). My toms and have strutting and drumming for sometime. My Royal hen is all dirty and my husband and I decided she had been bred (by one of the toms - both have dirty undersides now). We would like to raise some turkey chicks but know nothing about how they hatch. My husband hunts wild turkeys and thinks they will lay eggs here and there.
1. How long until she will lay eggs?
2. Will she sit on them (She is about 9 months old)?
3. Should I separate her before or after she lays?
4. Or should I get and incubator and hatch them that way?

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Hi, Squawk~ You don't say where you are located and hens in the south will probably lay earlier than hens in the north. Mine start laying about late March, but breeding activity will precede that by a few weeks. But it does vary. If they are in a lighted coop that might bring them on sooner.

Your hen may or may not set. About half of mine will set, and about half of those are pretty dedicated to it, although I don't let them hatch any themselves. I had one hen that I had to just about pry off the nest in late September because she just wouldn't stop. When the nest was totally destroyed, she finally decided she'd done her bit and gave up. So again it depends.

I wouldn't worry about separating the hens out. They seem to do ok with the toms around or not. The toms are always glad if the hens want to mate, but they don't bother them if they aren't interested in mating.

Oh, and the young are called poults. smile You can get an incubator if you like. It's great fun to hatch them out. Be warned people have varying experiences with the styrofoam jobs, however. Some people can hatch turkeys in them,and some don't have good luck.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying them. Turkeys are great. smile



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