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#81115 - 06/16/03 09:41 AM Wild Turkey Chicks

I was walking through the woods yesterday when I found a turkey wing. When I picked it up there was a chick underneath. I looked around and only found two live chicks. They cant fly yet so their pretty young still. I brought them home and placed them in my brooder. They chirp quiet a bit but I am having a few problems. They seem petrified of me and I dont think that they are eating. I have just some finely chopped hardboiled egg in there for them. (i am getting some turkey starter later today) I would like to know if they will always be petrified of me (how long does it take to get used to me) and how to get them eating? Has anyone else raised wild turkey chicks? Please give me any hints, tips or input on raising wild turkeys.
Also do you need a permit/license to raise them in NY? How do you get one if you need one?

#81116 - 06/16/03 09:57 AM Re: Wild Turkey Chicks
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I really don't have much to offer, but we raise wild turkey chicks for The Wildlife Society up here in Sakatchewan. They are abit wild when we first get them , but they seem to settle in and we have no real problems. This year, we are raising them in a brooder pen with over 300 pheasant chicks and even tho' the turkey chicks are 3X the size of the pheasant chicks all seem to get along fine. We just feed both groups 26% protein turkey starter. Good luck as they are really interesting to watch as they grow and mature.

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Go buy some chicks from a feed store and put them in. If they see other chicks eating they should join them.


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