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#81187 - 03/12/05 07:33 PM Help.....Mean Tom

I hatched a wild turkey two years ago, last year he started becoming a little agressive and this year he has become obnoxious. He is the only turkey and was hatched out by a chicken. He gets along with everyone else in the barnyard, except for me. He jumps up and flogs me. I have tried holding him and thumping his head (like you do a rooster) but nothing has worked. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this guy to respect my boundaries?? He seems to like my husband but not me and I'm the one who feeds everyone. HELP!

#81188 - 03/13/05 12:52 AM Re: Help.....Mean Tom

Typical male!!
I have a couple of Toms that will have a go at me from time to time. I have a long stick that I carry and you only need to hit them a couple of times and they will get the message. I leave the stick handy and when they strut their stuff I just pick up the stick. You could give it a try.
I had a Tom years ago that hated dresses. If you wore jeans he didn't worry, but a dress or skirt sent him off.
cheers Jan

#81189 - 03/15/05 07:51 PM Re: Help.....Mean Tom

My negibors have a tom that they say hates the color red. Maybe it's something you wear?

#81190 - 03/15/05 07:58 PM Re: Help.....Mean Tom
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Guess who's coming to dinner?

#81191 - 03/16/05 05:52 AM Re: Help.....Mean Tom
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A burst from the water hose a time or two might help, a broom, or maybe a squirt gun once he has learned the water hose sucks! And check what you are doing different or wearing as opposed to your husband, does he were a hat, boots, etc., My husband doesn't talk much to the animals, yet loves them and visits with them, where I am talking at all times to them. Or tom could just be a women hater(ha ha) I have a guinea that hates me so much because he was raised by man, it attackes me all the time, all I have to do is reach for the hose and he runs, and is even braver when my husband is around, he sits in his arms.

#81192 - 03/16/05 08:29 AM Re: Help.....Mean Tom

I'd agree with Jeep, "supper time!!!!"

We have raised a bunch of toms, without problems, BBW, Bourbon Reds, Royal Palms (someone said they were mean...?)

They get handled OFTEN from chicks to adults, and have never shown any agressiveness towards us. They will go after chickens, so will the turkey hens - we keep them apart from other birds.

All our "keepers" (breeding stock) get lots of attention as young chicks. The handling really settles them in and keeps them tame & easy to manage. Feeding them treats is a fine idea, but we also like the idea of them coming to US instead of just throwing stuff over the fence. (espically with ducks, but turkeys too).

Any of our adult turkeys are easily approachable, we can pick them up and carry them around, or walk among them (if we can stand their begging for popcorn...). Neither do we need a net or special means to catch them, they let my 8 year old son handle them all the time, without any incidents. One of the RP Toms was featured on TV recently - by a total stranger. He was calm, strutted nicely and was an instant hit with the audience.

Early handling is the biggest factor in bird/animal handling. When I worked with horses, part of my daily routine was to pick up all the new foals and carry then around (don't do this unless you're ready to fight off a posessive mare). As they grew up, they were the easiest to handle and very relaxed to be around people.

When I saw my kids holding week old turkey chicks asleep in their laps, I knew we were off to a real good start. Training/taming starts real early with us, as soon as they start eating & drinking.

#81193 - 03/21/05 08:01 AM Re: Help.....Mean Tom

Don't agree with Runners.
All my stock are handled from chicks (eggs). But they don't all turn out the same. Some are mean and some are tame. Had a turk hen today 'doing over another hen'. When I picked her up she was gentle and calm. As soon as I put her down she was into the other hen. Depends on the personality of the turk. Same with horses, etc.
Some hens are real mean and get stuck into the other hens and toms. Just like women, they fight over a male!!!


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