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#8119 - 04/30/04 12:12 PM Shredded newspaper bedding?

Hello. I'm wondering if shredded newspaper, as long as it is black and white with soy-based ink, is an acceptable bedding/litter material for chickens and other poultry. Is it absorbent? Safe? I imagine that white/light colored birds might be slightly discolored, but this is not a major issue in my case. Thank you!

#8120 - 04/30/04 12:34 PM Re: Shredded newspaper bedding?
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Shredded paper is even worse than straw for packing and staying wet and poopy. Don't think you would like it at all. Honestly pine or cedar shavings last the longest, stay the driest, and will be easiest to clean out when necessary. In some parts of the country, there are other very good alternatives to shavings, straw, etc. such as hulls of other products, shredded corncobs, things like that, which dry easily, and the birds keep the entire bedding fluffed up without those long fibers of poopy wet straw or matted wet shredded paper. CJR

#8121 - 04/30/04 11:53 PM Re: Shredded newspaper bedding?

It is absorbant but needs changing often.
I use plain newspaper (no print) as I have a free source.
Soy based ink shouldn't pose a risk.

I also feel better cleaning my brooder more often as I feel it makes for a healthier environment for the chicks. (just my opinion though)

I use straw in the coop - cheaper than chips and works just as well. (I don't clean coop as often as brooder) Also straw works well in compost or a worm bed - chips don't.

#8122 - 05/01/04 06:29 AM Re: Shredded newspaper bedding?

Yup, I'm a straw/hay person too, but probably because I haven't found a source of any other material to compare it with.

If you only have a small number of chickens, the paper would probably work OK in the nest boxes. I had to use it in an emergency when I ran out of straw and hay, and so did all the produce stores (drought), and it actually worked better. But it does need to checked and replaced more often


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