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#81617 - 02/01/06 02:32 PM 70 pound turkeys ?
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Someone said they raised 70 pound turkeys ! Is that the largest strain ?where can we buy some of the largest strain or 70 pound turkeys ? :rolleyes:

#81618 - 02/01/06 05:16 PM Re: 70 pound turkeys ?
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seedyseed The broad brested variety is the one to look for.My Tom weighed in at 55 lbs and was a little over a year old. When they get that big they go down hill real quick.

#81619 - 02/02/06 05:30 AM Re: 70 pound turkeys ?
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Seedy, they don't last very long. Their hearts and/or legs give out. I have a couple of BB hens that are over 45lbs now. I'm hoping to get a few eggs out of them to hatch before they go to birdy heaven. They were born the first week of July and already walk like an arthritic old woman. The difference is incredible when I pick up one of my heritage birds and then pick up one of the BB's.

I am really bothered by what has been done to the BB's. Their minds and heart are still a wild functional turkey but their bodies just can take it. My two girls are constantly crying for me to help them get somewhere. They want to follow the others in the flock and just can't. Very sad really.

My toms are all lighter heritage breeds so any chick I hatch from the big girls eggs should be a big but functional creature. I keep thinking I should put them down but I've had them since they were day olds and they still want to crawl into my lap for a nap. So however long they make it I will carry them around and try to get them to excersise and let them sit on my lap warm and safe.

The 70 pounders are turkeys the factory farms keep for AI. They don't last long and don't have a good life. Any of the broadbreasted breeds have the potential to top 50lbs if they live long enough. They are designed to live 12 weeks tops and hit the freezer.

#81620 - 02/21/06 02:01 AM Re: 70 pound turkeys ?
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Is their anyway to get them to not grow so fast and just die? I have wanted to get some of these but I dont want them to die on me. I want them as pets not food, or compost as i guess you would say.
Danny Pritchett

#81621 - 02/25/06 12:40 PM Re: 70 pound turkeys ?
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Buy an old breed like burbon reds they don't get so big but they look great running around the yard.

#81622 - 03/02/06 07:50 PM Re: 70 pound turkeys ?
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Theoretically, you could restrict feed them their entire lives. Generally, in the Parent Breeders, the males are full fed until 16 weeks of age, then restrict fed from 16 weeks until the end of their reproductive cycles. The hens are constantly restrict fed. However, free range birds are going to be harder to control feed consumption with.


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