One of the really nice BCLB cockerels from his line of Dutch. Light Blue shows in this picture, back probably is really orange. Nice short legs, wonderful full hackle and long and wide saddle.

For his picture, wish he were standing a little taller with his head up and back a bit, for the perfect pose, but he has a nice rounded full front, even not upright. His comb lacks 5 even points, and he has a small jig in the end of his very nice angled shaft. Ear lobes might be better shaped, he has nice round smooth wattles.

(in this picture) his his back and tail connection--a sharp break instead of a nice rounded connection would drop his score on body type, if it didn't change as he moves around. His tail feathers protrude above his sickles. This too might shape up better, if he moved around in a show cage??? Truly nice Dutch--maybe a VG score in Holland, maybe even an F.