Well the results of the Lucasville show are BB Light Brown Dutch hen Tiffanie Mullens JR. Show. I don't know anything about open but the cock that won was very nice.

Champion Bantams Open was a white cochin hen by Pat Lacey. with a White Rock as reaserve bantams. Champion of show was a white wyandotte with the white cochin being Reserve show. Congratulations to all the show.

I also got Champion AOCCL WCB Polish pullet, RV Brown Red Modern Pullet, BB Light brown Dutch Bantam hen, and 2nd in RIR bantam cockrele. THese wins were in the Junior show.

Champion Jr. show Buff Brahma bantam pullet, and Reserve Jr, show champion was a white silkie pullet.

Blue Run Bantams
Light Brown Dutch
SC White, Blue, Black Leghorns