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#82880 - 05/24/04 04:50 PM Shafting on female Dutch breast feathers
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Sorry, I have no answer for you here. The Light Brown Standard in the ABA book says "free from shafting". Does this mean that the feather has no shaft?? Of course not, and it does not say free from anything else.

The Standard in the Netherlands says, under Faults: Light shafts on the breast feathers.

I have not seen a female Light Brown Dutch that did not have somewhat lighter shafts on the breast feathers, even though the breast is a darker salmon (few are seen with the nice darker salmon breast). Surely the light salmon breast feathers we see on many LB females will be carrying LIGHT colored shafts.

In the ABA Standards book, right under the Light Brown, you will find the standard of "Light Brown--as in Red Junglefowl Plumage": and find under Color of female: BREAST, shafts very light salmon.

??????? This seems to be the color most often seen in our LB Dutch females.

As for the Blue Light Brown female, not having this listed--I go again to the British or Dutch Standards, which say to refer to the Partridge (Light Brown in U.S.) for the faults--so they would be the same.

In spending generations of time with our breeding-- to get back to the distinctive TYPE for our Dutch and not on exact color of the plumage, there has been little discussion of the plumage variations and what is best.

Time to look for the "little things" and try to select for improvement--bits of color improvement can be good to look for, work for!!

I have started this as another topic, so we can keep adding questions and answers about different topics separately, easy to refer to and add to. CJR

#82881 - 05/25/04 11:17 AM Re: Shafting on female Dutch breast feathers
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My dutch hen has shafting on her back a little but not all of the feathers have shafting and the breast feathers don't have shafting. Well I can't post much beacause my Ip number is banned from home and I have to send this from my grandpaws house.

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#82882 - 05/25/04 12:30 PM Re: Shafting on female Dutch breast feathers
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Cool2chickens, It is not too difficult to breed female Dutch without shafts showing on the body feathers, but the breast feathers seem to be more difficult to get full breast feathers that do not expose a light colored shaft.

It is not a great fault, just one more to watch for in selecting breeding birds for the next generation.

I do not have any instructions as yet, for this site, will soon! CJR

#82883 - 05/25/04 12:58 PM Re: Shafting on female Dutch breast feathers

If you have access to Internet Explorer, you can use it to access the Coop, and it will let you post. I'm not sure why--
but I was having the same problem, so if I want to post that's how I do it... Kind of a pain, but o well!
Thanks for responding to my question about shafting- It does seem that the shafting on the breast is a little different than on the body- not such a contrast between the shaft of the feather the shade of the feather.So personally It's not as unpleasant to the eyes.
Hey Jean- nice to see you here!! Did you get may mail to you yet? :rolleyes:


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