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#82954 - 06/20/04 05:30 PM Cream Light Brown Dutch
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Ok Am going to see if this works. This is a CLB cock. Really nice bird. Guess who`s. A hint. He lives around K " something " Montana. Rog Dutch Cock
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#82955 - 06/21/04 08:32 AM Re: Cream Light Brown Dutch

What a beautiful bird! I love the coloring of his wings fading from brown to cream- Thanks for posting the picture:)

#82956 - 06/21/04 10:20 AM Re: Cream Light Brown Dutch
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Unless I am asked and can do it without suspicion of malice (I have none), I do not like to critique someone elses bird's via a picture. But since that is not the case with this bird, I will let go with both barrels on this pretty bird. . .

First, the good points, he is a very good color, especially the nice full hackle, rich cream right up around the comb and quite even color from top to end, with nice striping. His overall balance and proportion is very good, with rounded back and good tail angle.
Tail is not carried high, but needs longer more curved main sickles. Back color is a little darker in the picture than it really is--should be orange--and it really is. He has good solid black where it should be and his tail has a good green sheen, not showing well in the picture. Forget the white fluff--it is NOT a fault, although a bird with less or none looks better to many people (who are used to other breed standards without it).

Then, this is what I hope at least some of his sons, will show: a tighter curve and longer main sickles: comb with 5 even serations and a solid blade at the end--comb and wattles, ear lobes could be a little smaller: Saddle color should extend across the back at the base of the tail (this bird has a little back color that goes to the middle--should end, and the saddle color should be continuous across the back: saddle would be longer on a GREAT bird. Not sure about his eye color, here, I think the flash took some of the color--it should be a good orange/red, not too dark, not too light, as in all varieties of Dutch.

He is a good bird and worth exhibiting, and has much to offer his offspring, but he is not a GREAT bird and he will be replaced as soon as his sons are old enough to assess (oldest are just 13 weeks old.) And there are sons by 5 different CLB females, so there should be a good choice?? Several of his chicks are just 2 weeks old.
His sire was RB in FL and 2 weeks later, was RB in CA. I like some features better on this bird than his sire, that is what we hope for. His dam is one of the best (in my opinion) female Dutch I have ever raised, (type) but not the best CLB female. She is a keeper, will never be available.

The hen in the background is this cockerel's sister. She is a very nice CLB, but expect her offspring to be better. Her head is not as solid yellow as preferred, but is better now that she is a year old. She has the correct orange/salmon breast color. This color should be distinct, in color, from the salmon/redbrown of the breast of the Light Brown female Dutch! If it is the same color--it is a Swaver.(in Holland a disqualification)--to keep the CLB a distinct variety!!! Think, before you breed CLBs!! The female CLB is very hard to photograph in body color. I have borrowed a hen with good body color and every picture I have taken of her, looks different--as the actual birds will in every different lighting! This hen usually has a broader tail flare--here is is closed. Will try to post a series of CLB pictures. CJR

#82957 - 06/22/04 10:14 AM Re: Cream Light Brown Dutch

He looks a really stunning cockerel, the contrast of his hackle colour against his black breast looks great. He seems to have a 'presence' just from the photo shown, well done to all the people working on them. You have something to be proud of there. CJR-it would be good to see some close ups of CLBs laugh .

#82958 - 06/22/04 11:50 AM Re: Cream Light Brown Dutch
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You may not think he looks great by the standards, but from my seat here, that is what any rooster SHOULD look like! Shiny, happy, alert, and such gorgeous coloring.
How handsome! Bravo!


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