Sometimes we wish we had some competition for our Dutch at Shows and Fairs. Many of us live so far from one another, that without planning well ahead, we cannot travel very far to Show our Dutch.

It would be REALLY helpful if District Directors could know dates and places OF Shows/Fairs, that you know about! Most of our Districts are simply too large to have any idea where there might be an opportunity to display our Dutch, except ABA/APA advertised Shows (if you take PP or belong to the Assns.)
When we sell or place our birds, sometimes those folks will join ADBA and might then have a chance to know about a major Show in their area, but if District Directors could receive a list of new Dutch owners and contact information, it would be another way to let people know about shows or Fairs, where they could get experience showing their birds, if they are interested.

Most often, we never hear about the Youth who show and do very well at Fairs, with classes and in Showmanship--and you know---they may be our future breeders of Dutch.

It is good to both contact and also to hear from District Directors in your areas! It can be a great year for the Dutch, if we can stay in touch! CJR

Add: Our local "long--long" time newscaster always closes his news broadcast with ......."drive carefully, wear your seat belt,.... and BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER" ......