It is no secret that I have been opposed to the crossing of Dutch and OEGB to "create new" varieties of Dutch. The OEGB TYPE is so strong that the two breeds are not compatible, and the resulting offspring carry some OEGB features, forever, (even while showing white earlobes-- and blue legs, in the appropriate varieties.) It is NEVER done in the Netherlands and their "new" varieties are much closer to Standard Dutch, because they can "lift" the colors from other Dutch breeds that are more compatible with the Dutch BAntam. However, even in Holland, some of the newer varieties are not quite up to the same Standard as the Light Browns, while never being confused with any other Bantam breeds!

Being able to raise newer varieties makes Bantam breeding more interesting for some breeders, and after nearly 20 years with Dutch, I am venturing into discovering the hidden genes!

And so, will have posts of some pictures of "new to me", but not the first time appearing in Dutch in the U.S.

Others have raised and exhibited Ginger Reds. I have not been able to find the history of the Ginger Red Dutch in the U.S. And I would be very pleased to learn from anyone who knows about them, and how they were bred?? Along with the pictures, (just the first in a series), I will give the breeding formula that produced the first ones for me. It is only the beginning--as they will not be successful, if not able to easily reproduce the same!! These Dutch are just an exercise in Genetics and only the first of a number of Genetics exercises I will be making, using ONLY Dutch Bantams. Lots of surprises are hidden in our birds ! CJR