Those who may be interested in the Genetics of the color of Dutch Bantams--and other breeds, large fowl and bantams, may be interested in Brian Reeder's new paper back: "AN INTRODUCTION TO COLOR FORMS of the DOMESTIC FOWL"--a look at Color Varieties and How They are Made....

I have long been using the Dutch language book "Inheritance of Feather Color of Poultry" (VERERVING VAN VEERKLEUR BIJ HOENDERS) by Dr H. Gankema.

While basic genetic information is a prerequisite, this different approach is a welcome addition to the subject (still a lot of unknowns!).

Brian is the only one-source who has included the Cream Light Brown and Blue Cream Light Brown codes. In the U.S. these have been "unknowns" and not addressed with any authority in this country, while being long-known in Europe.

Nothing is written in depth, but is such a good introduction, that if you have history of the Dutch birds you own, the varieties are much easier to understand than the OEGB or any other breeds that have many varieties that were made from other breeds with unknown background for generations. The more recent imports from Holland come with easier background, and some have a less complex geneology than the older lines in the U.S. that have many unknowns.

Yes, I will try to put the Mille Fleur and Buff/Blue Buff Columbians in perspective, and Brian's book should help. It will be very useful. CJR