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I have been invited to show my birds at the Royal Highland Show this summer! I have visited the show once and of course spent a lot of time looking at the poultry, but I never thought that I would be on the other side, as it were.

I am hoping to take as many varieties of Dutch as I can to show them off a bit, but I don't really expect to win any prizes - as the entry is by invitation I expect there will be some really excellent birds there.

Any tips on getting birds in good condtion during the height of the summer, and on preparing them would be very useful. I hope that they don't all go into a huge moult in June!


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Oh, lucky you!! Attended the Royal Highland Show a good number of years ago--lots of pictures, but none of chickens--was especially interested in Highland Ponies and Welsh Cobs at the time--great show (Clydesdales were fabulous and I had never seen Murray Grey cattle before plus other livestock breeds--a great show! ) and later obtained my Cobs from Scotland.

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Unless you are showing your birds, there is usually no reason to bathe them.

I have bantams, and when a bath is required, I choose a very warm sunny day!. I always do the job out on the lawn! Prepare 3 buckets of nice warm water. First one has Lux Flakes and the bird is immersed (be very careful to keep the head out!) They seem to enjoy it and are quiet when gently moved up and down in the water, no rough stuff with the feathers. I "squeeze" drip, then do a good rinse in the next bucket. Third rinse may have a few drops of Permecterin II, which will keep mites off for several months. I squeeze as much water out as possible, then wrap in a towell to get all the wetness out as is possible, being careful not to rub feathers, especially the wrong way. Then the bird is put in a cage on green grass, food and water--=and left to dry. They look pathetic and seem to know it! Takes 3 or 4 hours to dry a bird, so there is no dampness to pick up dirt again or cause a chill. When dry, they are beautiful!!! Assembly line washing can do quite a few birds at a time. With help, it is much easier! Birds for show should be washed about a week in advance, so feathers will lie naturally and have a nice glow, not be fluffy (unless it is a Silkie). Some people use a hair dryer--I don't have one, and if there is a choice of sunny, warm day, that works for me! CJR

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Most birds should be washed about a week before the show, so natural oils will give the wonderful glow. I pet my birds every day after the bath to rub their natural oils on the feathers. Cleanup at the show is easy, clean feet (trim any long toenails and beak overgrowth ahead of time) and damp clean combs and wattles. You will be amazed at how soft and wonderful a washed bird feels (and looks)--and the judge KNOWS. Be sure to let us know results--Dutch. CJR


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