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#84831 - 04/09/06 07:13 PM Another can of worms. To cull or not to cull
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So do you cull or not? If you have a bad bird from the hatch what do you do with it? Raise it and give it away and hope that person never breeds it ? Just curious. Rog
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#84832 - 04/09/06 08:21 PM Re: Another can of worms. To cull or not to cull
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If the bird is not a breeding prospect, (few) I give them locally. Advertising bantams in the local weekly Shopping News (The Mountain Trader) always finds them a home in one or two weeks at most. They are NEVER offered as Dutch Bantams, but as "very pretty banties". Some people are so impressed with their real color and they ARE very pretty--that I am usually offered $5 or $10 and I take it! After all, they are vaccinated for Marek's. My flock is NPIP tested--they are really nice pets. I DO ask about shelter and protection from varmints and feeding. After that NEVER call to ask about them! A friend about an hour's drive south will take any Dutch that are "left over", not show stock, and she loves the Dutch--great home. We do some trading of goods and services, sometimes some cash. She sells a few as pets in an area where there are few bantams. AND if a bird is just not even worth giving away, (rare) I have pheasant and duck hunter friends, who will stop by and pick them up for the hatchet. I could do that for a sick bird, if I ever had one, but not one that is still kicking! CJR

#84833 - 04/10/06 10:46 AM Re: Another can of worms. To cull or not to cull
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I cull birds that are unthrifty to a point.
If I have a obviously sick bird, such as I have one now, a ameraucana, she has been on advanced therapies to help her get over whatever it is she has (Swelling in front of her eye in sinus cavity). If she does not recover in about a week or so, I will have Dh put her down. And we burn the carcasses. If she doesnt make any progress, next weekend I think will make approx. 3 weeks.

I have culled birds just about instantly when I notice anything that remotely resembles signs of Mareks disease.
I have one recovered BLB hen that originally last year I figured she had hurt her leg. Maybe she had Mareks? She got really unthrifty, but never died. She remained unthrifty for a long time, but since this year has gotten 100% recovered. Never did figure exactly what it was, I can only guess. I plan on selling all the BLBs this year. Of course I am probably going to end up hatching some before then I figure. I think I have one BLB cockerel so far.
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