Volklet, I won't advise on Crele--and in Scotland, as I have no experience with Crele (Koekoekpatrijs=CuckooLight Brown). Crele is the variety name in OEGB for generations. Cuckoo Light Brown indicates the Dutch name for the similar variety--and its Dutch origin, Dutch Cuckoo and Dutch Light Brown cross.

Now, more about Joe Arringtons's birds: Phoenix Crele, Cuckoo Dutch that came from OEGB some time before. Joe had to disburse his birds when he went to Florida. My last letter from him, back home, talked about getting some Dutch again.
Phoenix breeders in that area were using Cream Light Brown Dutch to brighten their Goldens. So there has been an exchange of birds with Phoenix breeders for some time.

A new variety for a breed takes many generations if with other standardized breed-cross--and lucky, Ken, that you were able to obtain some of the later birds in the production, and you perhaps, have added superior Light Browns? The pictures of Ken's project show nice Dutch type and lovely color and pattern. Both Cuckoo and Crele often show superior type in the females, while still being good in the males. (There is genetics reason). The book, "THE DUTCH BANTAM" gives some valuable information, especially about the variations in Cuckoo, which will affect the Crele. It would be good to have more people working on the variety, as even in Holland and Germany, right now, there are few breeders of Crele, and I hear that it has recently been harder to breed exhibition color and pattern in both countries. "Getting" it and "keeping" it are not the same. Breeders in those countries have worked together exchanging breeding birds, and so the Dutch varieties are becoming more uniform in those countries. Breeders exchange lots of information--and we can, also.