Hi All,
We had the Distict one meet last Sunday at the Boston show in North Oxford Mass. We had 39 birds from five breeders. 24 LB's 7 CLB's 4 Silvers, 2 BLB and 2 Porcelain. Eric Nelson Judged.
BV LB was Dick Hauff's Cock bird
RV LB was Dick's Cockerel
BV CLB was Paul Carrolls Cockerel
RV CLB was another Cockerel from Paul
BV Silver Paul Carroll's Cockerel
RV Silver Pauls Pullet
BV BLB Paul Carroll with a Cock
RV BLB Paul with a cockerel
BB went to Dick Hauff's LB Cock bird and RB went to his cockerel. Congratulations Dick and Paul!
The Boston club had made up a couple of Tee shirts with their Logo on the front and Dutch Best of Breed District 1 2008 meet and also one for the Res. breed listed on the back. They were a nice touch by the club and I am sure Dick will wear them with pride. Melanie Carroll took a lot of pictures of the winners and she and Paul should be posting them here soon.