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#85459 - 03/24/05 03:04 PM Blood ON egg
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I went to get the eggs and found one with blood smeared around it. Looks like there was blood in the vent or from the vent and the egg picked it up on its way out. I looked and the hen's vent and it seems fine. What do I do/look for/worry about? Does this happen sometimes naturally? Thanks

#85460 - 03/24/05 03:22 PM Re: Blood ON egg
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It does happen on occasion and can be an isolated event. It happens more often when a pullet is just coming into lay or a hen starts laying after a period of non-laying. A larger than average egg can cause it or sometimes just for no apparent reason. You may get one or two more but if it continues beyond that I would try to isolate the bird that is doing it. My guess is that it is nothing but if it continues let us know. Cocci would be a thought for blood at the vent opening. Your birds get layer ration and range correct?

Bill L

#85461 - 03/24/05 05:32 PM Re: Blood ON egg
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She is a hen - little over a year. She did stop laying for about 2 weeks, who knows why as everyone else was laying happily, no changes to anything here.

Bill - Yes my birds get layer ration, free range (in my 100 x 50 ft. brick-walled back yard) and some fresh veggies when they can steal them from my bunnies.

Nifty-Stuff - The egg had a ring of light colored, smeared blood on one end, not drops or little smears.

I will watch her, I thought it might just be a little "egg stress" on the vent, but wanted to check with the wise sages here. Thanks guys.

#85462 - 03/24/05 07:52 PM Re: Blood ON egg
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Probably some stress factor, but examine her for mites, as the vent can be scabby or sore, and bleed when the egg emerges, if mites are there. Am sure you do check for this, but they can appear without warning, and it can cause a blood smear on the egg, and the hen may stop laying until cleared up.

Chances are, it is a one time thing. Good luck CJR

#85463 - 03/26/05 11:20 AM Re: Blood ON egg
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I have had that happen sometimes, especially when pullets have just tarted laying. Checking for mites is a good place to start, so you can eliminate possibilities until you find the culprit. If you don't find anything obvious, it could be... just a big job that day for the lady!


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