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#85530 - 08/23/05 01:36 PM Locked Neck

I just noticed - actually a few minutes ago - that one of my 4 month old Orpington pullets' neck is somehow locked. She's holding her head like when they sleep, with it kind of tucked in. If you looked at her skeleton, it would be in a tight S position. At first I thought she was just sleepy, but I even tried tugging on her beak, she can't move her head out any farther.
I fed her siblings, who have been grazing all day outside while she hid inside the coop along with another pullet who seemed to be simply keeping her company. I put some feed in front of her, but she simply stared at it.
I hope it's not a disease, but does anyone have a clue?

#85531 - 08/23/05 05:36 PM Re: Locked Neck
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Might not be the actual description, as you do not quite describe a neck that the bird cannot lift or move, --but look up Botulism Poisoning on the SEARCH function--that is a red alert and requires immediate treatment if that is what it is! CJR

#85532 - 08/23/05 06:09 PM Re: Locked Neck

I read through the Botulism information, but the only thing that matches is that she's possibly paralized in the neck, but otherwise it doesn't seem to match. She doesn't have any of the other symptoms.
She can move her head from side to side and down, but she can't move it up. It's hard to describe...She can't stretch it out.

#85533 - 08/23/05 07:49 PM Re: Locked Neck
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Our Production Red hen had this problem however, I simply added it up to a pulled muscle, deadened nerve, something of that sort. It didn't look too painful, just like a 'crick' in her neck. Ours had stayed outside when it sleeted so we thought the sleet may have weighed her head down so it was stuck that way without release. Massaging the neck may help. Be sure not to rub the crick, but just below it, further down the neck, above it...etc.


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