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#85544 - 04/12/07 05:12 AM Re: Emergency: Day-Old Chicks All Dying!
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Wow, this read like a mini-novel to me and I'm very happy to read the outcome with the second shipment. Good for you for coming up with a remedy and giving it all you've got!

I know I've said this in other threads, but I'll say it again here for good measure - I order from a hatchery in a neighboring state, and I am able to pick up my chicks approximately 24 hours after they were packed in the box. I drive about an hour to the distribution center and pick them up there. Anyone ordering chicks by mail for the first time should call their local post office and ask for some information to see if you can trace the route back to a regional distribution center, and if it's possible, see about picking your chicks up there. That is how it is routinely handled in my area. They call from the distribution center, but I've learned to just show up there and I always find my chicks, usually about the time they are getting ready to call me. I know that method won't work for everybody, but it's worth checking into as I can save an entire day of post office handling this way.

#85545 - 04/25/07 08:43 PM Re: Emergency: Day-Old Chicks All Dying!

Hi all, I live in NH, where the weather is wintery until around now, and even then it can be a toss up.

I got my chicks from meyer hatchery in Ohio. I got less than 25, so they express mailed them in a really nice straw filled box with a heat pad!! I called and got the shipping #, so I could follow them across the country, so I was ready and armed with info to find out what happened to them when they disappeared between the distribution center and my house. I totally agree with Susie.

All mine arrived alive and pretty stress free. I chalk it up to good packaging and shipping methods, good weather, me being a TOTAL pain in the neck at the post office and to meyer customer service, and luck. Good luck everyone.

#85546 - 05/01/07 07:58 PM Re: Emergency: Day-Old Chicks All Dying!

I got some from Mc Murray about the same time - 4/16/07 and we had some of the same problems. We lost about 5 of 38 in the first shipment - stress undoubtedly, but we were also blaming on the starter feed we used (Dumor) from Tractor Supply. We think the grit size was just too big for the babies. I think it also contributed to pasty butt, which cleared up as soon as we were able to get some fortified fresh milled feed with sea kelp and diatomaceous earth in it. My veterinary technician started raising chickens a few years ago, and she gets some excellent yields on her broilers, so we are doing what she is doing. I just didn't have starter feed. Within 24 hours of switching feeds, the chicks ALL looked better. I did not add any Terramycin (although the thought did cross my mind at times, being a vet) but I did give the second batch some sugar in their water when they first arrived. I think that the losses I suffered were more from stress, but I was also disappointed to lose that many chicks in the first two days. The ones that survived have all done very well in spite of my learning; we are only losing them to things like smothering from huddle (and we haven't lost too many of those) and I did have a couple die for no apparent reason at all- they just did not thrive. Those were speckled Sussex and one Buff orpington. I guess what I am getting at is - try that concoction without the terramycin next time and see if it works on its own. It might well work. I've been trying yolk as well, jury is still out but really this is the most well balanced thing for them...

The only real problem I have now is meat chicks - well, one is showing a kind of tetany in his legs- all are straigtened out like he has no joints, and he is sitting on his back end. I am using egg yolk on him and fresh grass and B vitamins to see if this will combat his problems as he is still bright, alert, willing to eat. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. I got absolutely no help from the chicken vet locally- he said it could be Mareks but I had them all vaccinated adn this guy isn't neurologic at all. Then he kind of went on about the flock health... The rest are fine! He didn't seem too impressed that I was trying to save one meat bird. smile We are witholding food for 12 hours daily. Well, I'm going to try to save him!
I am really glad this list is out there, I am learning a LOT by leaps and bounds.

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