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#85773 - 05/27/05 03:38 AM Need HELP with Phantam We rescued

Dear All,

Today we were given a phantam chicken - we named her fuffy - this one is not well. She is not in good health her feet are so badly damaged, I think she is mising a toe and I beleive her comb is not good too but I dod not know. I want to help her and make her better just nurse her. Those who know me I have 3 other chickens which are two are shaver reds and one is a Bantam I think. I do know I panic a bit. But this time I do have a CHICKEN WHO IS REALLY NOT WELL.

This one we got today was kept in a cage the last few days I am not too sure what sort of life she had.

We got her around 4.30 pm aussie time. Mum and I kept her in the laundry feed her there - she did eat thougth I did not see her drink. I have put her in the bathroom to sleep at night at least I have a door to secure her in. We have been told she ays eggs That I will find out untill tommorrow. I did set up a nest box for her in the Bathroom and made a little perch.

Also I did not see her walk she stood but her feet are so badly deformed - and it hurts me to see her this way. I am angry with the people who allowed her to get this way.

We are keeping her seperate from the other chickens - I think we will be for a while untill she can walk. I am a bit scared too - to introduce her when she does get better.

The chickens did see her for a minute this afternoon.

Ok I have gone on BUT WHAT I NEED IS MAY I SEND SOME PICTURES to somebody to tell me what they think she may have. I tried to follow the instructions to place pictures up here but I cant seem to get it to work. Could I please get an email- I have not taken any pics yet.

Thank you for listening

#85774 - 05/27/05 10:46 AM Re: Need HELP with Phantam We rescued
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send me a picture and I'll help if I can


#85775 - 05/27/05 03:20 PM Re: Need HELP with Phantam We rescued

Dear Jocelyn THank you I will take some photos and send them too in the next houe.

After reading I feel she may have scaly leg mites but with her comb I do not know what is wrong as it is a funny clour and it flops

#85776 - 05/29/05 04:28 AM Re: Need HELP with Phantam We rescued


Thank you so much for your response. Yes, he is a rooster and a lovely one too. Yes again he made those beautiful sounds, but this time around 6.30am.

He has started to come out of his shell a little in the last couple of days, the Kerosene/Linseed mix has helped him a lot along with the paw paw ointment. I am using it now on a burn on me - it is fantastic stuff, I swear by it. It is made here in Aus not sure, if you can get it over there. If you like, I can buy you one and send one over to you to try.

Today was funny; he could hear the hens so he started to do his thing the call out to them. Also, found out, that our chickens are Long Island Rhodes something along those lines. I guess you know what I mean.

When fluffy gets better, do you think he will be able to walk as he cannot really walk now? In addition, can I put him in with the hens to mix, even though he is a silky? Could you please tell me what would happen and will there be a lot of noise, I mean from the rooster - Fluffy.

Sorry to pester you with these questions one more thing or a concern as I put it, I cannot allow my hens to have chicks, as not prepared and scared. That is what holds me from putting them together; also, I have never had rooster before or a rooster with hens before. Having Hens is my first time in Adult life and I love them as my own girls. I am worried they might get too excited while fluffy is around.

In addition, my hens are moulting now too moulting should end around end of June here in Aus.

#85777 - 05/29/05 04:37 AM Re: Need HELP with Phantam We rescued



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