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#86025 - 05/09/08 06:59 PM My son's favorite hen is lethargic
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My son's nice little Barred Rock hen began acting lethargic today. She just sits on the ground with her eyes closed. We noticed a drop of fresh blood on her comb but maybe that's from someone else pecking on her because she's ill? Don't know. We've checked for mites and don't see any visible. Her tail had been up in proper position when she was well. The feathers around her vent are stuck together, though, with what might be called diarrhea. She is about 20 months old.

We are going to put her in a separate pen. Should we try some Sulmet in her water? We haven't noticed any bloody poop anywhere but don't know what else to do.

Thank you for your help.

#86026 - 05/10/08 08:08 AM Re: My son's favorite hen is lethargic
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Long distance makes us have to guess. Try some yoghurt in her dish, she will enjoy it and it may crowd out pathogens in her gut. I don't know the start date of warm weather in your area, but here, PEI, winter kills off a lot of cocci, so it is too early to suspect that. Food poisoning, especially if it has been rainy, is likely. She may have eaten something rotten or mouldy, if she has been allowed out at range. If yoghurt does not make her feel better in about 24 hours, we'll all guess some more. Please keep us updated.


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