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#86027 - 05/03/06 07:56 AM Attack on my Momma chicken

I had a hen that went broody under my BBQ grill. It has to doors that open and she felt safe there so I left her there. Now I have made a mistake. The other night something attacked her and took all three of her eggs. Ther is no trace of the eggs and she has a bllody spot around her throat area. What could have done this? I have cleaned the wound, but she is not eatting or drinking yet. I think she is in a bit of shock. She looks very sad. My heart is breaking for her. Any advice will be greatfully appreciated. I love her and don't want to lose her.

#86028 - 05/03/06 08:18 AM Re: Attack on my Momma chicken
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sounds like maybe a raccoon.

#86029 - 05/03/06 09:15 AM Re: Attack on my Momma chicken
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A skunk (probably other varmints I don't know here in Montana) will take the eggs (they like them incubated better than fresh eggs). And next night they will return and take the hen--move her asap! Without antibiotics (animal bite) she is in grave danger of infection--do you have a Cage bird Vet, who can give the proper dosage injection (fast action)?? and then you can give orally for another session. Don't wait--she is not only in shock, but threatened by infection. Hope her throat is not damaged! Good luck CJR

#86030 - 05/04/06 10:39 AM Re: Attack on my Momma chicken

Thanks for the imput, I will contact a vet asap. I hope it is not too late for her. She is so sweet.

#86031 - 05/05/06 09:36 AM Re: Attack on my Momma chicken

I had a Buff Orp that liked to sleep outdoors and she got attacked by a possum one nite. It yanked out chunks of her feathers and took 2 bites out of her back. The bites went through the skin and into the muscle tissue. She had the shock and the open wounds, too. I gave her some bread with a little beer on it and put her in a cage inside to recuperate. I dusted her wounds with sulfur powder and they stayed dry and healed nicely. She recovered completely. I'd recommend dusting her with sulfur and putting her indoors, preferably in a cage with a nest box in it. Put some eggs or golf balls or something in the nest, and cover the cage, or keep it in a quiet area. Offer her treats that she can't resist, or invalid-type food like cooked eggs mixed with baby food, and she should come 'round soon. Good luck.


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