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#86075 - 03/23/07 02:30 PM pls help - can't find ANY vet for my hen-
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I do have aureomycin on hand, but dosages for a single bird are hard to figure out- -

I called Fort Dodge (poultry vet is supposed to call me back) for figuring out a dosage, but I don't know if this type of antibiotic will help her or not.

A regular exotic vet (who didn't do chickens) recommended using this antibiotic b/c of her breathing and fever symptoms. But he said that was the best info he could offer me.

I am also trying to figure out a way to bring her in the house, but I don't have a cage large enough....

I really don't think she's egg bound, b/c she is roosting/sitting- and not in a nesting box.

Biggest concerns are her labored breathing and infected the other chickens and geese.

Thoughts anyone?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#86076 - 03/23/07 03:45 PM Re: pls help - can't find ANY vet for my hen-
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Bill has posted a link to a dosage table recently:

Hope it helps and best greetings,


#86077 - 03/23/07 05:42 PM Re: pls help - can't find ANY vet for my hen-
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Use a large cardboard box for a cage, placing a grate over it instead of a top. She can still see out and won't get too hot. You might have a large rubbermaid tote you could use....again with a grate or window screen over the top...use the grate out of the stove if your oven has rack might not be needed for a day or two.


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