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#86088 - 06/28/07 11:44 AM Gasping constantly!
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I have a Mille Fleur hen that has been gasping for breath. Not just when she is out of breath but when she is sitting sleeping resting, and getting on with her usual activities.

Also I might mention that her comb has been more of a dark purple red colour which is not usual for her.

I gave her some medicine that is sopposed to get rid of internal and external worms and parisites.
I think it is called Noromection.

I don't think it is helping and I can see no improvement since I gave it to her a few days ago.

Any ideas because I am out and I don't think she is going to be around much longer if I don't do something!

Help me please!


#86089 - 06/28/07 01:18 PM Re: Gasping constantly!
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Worming a sick bird is often a death knell, and would do nothing for a respiratory problem. There are several treatments for respiratory problems, Terrimycin, Tylan, are two, but might be too late to have anything except an injection do any good??

IF it IS a respiratory problem.....An old remidy, is to swab Vickvaporub with your fingers, under the throat, push it right into the feathers from under the beak down the breast. It can relieve breathing, but of course is not a "cure" for anything. A bird will try to groom the feathers, if not too ill, and continually get a good whiff. A little down the throat (by the bird, not directly) won't hurt, either!

On the other hand, has she been laying? A soft shelled egg trying to pass and being pushed by the next egg or two, can be so painful that a hen will gasp and not be able to get around at all. Once the egg is laid (almost anywhere) the hen will feel just fine until the next one is in the canal. In any case, it is serious and not a good outlook..... Good luck

#86090 - 06/28/07 06:06 PM Re: Gasping constantly!
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Hi Roman,

I do not want to frighten you but I had a situation develop a few months ago that sounds like it could be very similar. It turned out to be Infectious Larygotracheitis. I really hope you do not have the same problem. There is no cure, there is no treatment. The virus attacks the trachea and either kills the birds or they survive, rarely suffer to the same extent again, but are still carriers. This is the post I made on another group:

I have a mixed flock of large fowl and a few bantams. I also
have two pens that are connected, but seperated by wire. About a
week ago I noticed that my sebright rooster had a swollen eye. No
other symptoms but the eye. The swelling started going down but then
2 days ago I noticed that one of my bantam hens was having a hard
time breathing. She would extend her neck out, gasp, and you could
hear rattles. Within a day three or four of my other LF hens were
doing the same. Now, my bantam wyandotte rooster has swollen eyes.
He is still crowing,but all of them have reduced appetite and I have
noticed runny droppings in the pen. I also found a bloody mucus drip
down one of the roosts in the coop. When I went outside to check
them this AM I found my litle dutch bantam hen dead on her back. She
was one of the few with no symptoms. She was not thin, no obvious
discharge aywhere. She just laid two eggs last week.



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