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#86138 - 07/21/05 10:22 AM Sick goose Help QUICK!!! URGENT

I have a twelve week old pomeranian goose that looked very healthy until last night when he was a little behind the group. THis morning, he is just laying in one place. He tries to get up but it is like he can't get his head off the ground, the rest of his body gets up but his head stays down so he kinda staggers and then falls again. He won't drink or move when i pick him up. I had another goose from his hatch act the same way and it was dead within twenty four hours. That goose had always been on the sickly side so i thought it wasn't to huge of a deal just a bad hatch.THis one was very healthy tho! I have no idea whats wrong. THere are other geese and ducks in the pen with them could he effect them also??? PLEASE HELP soon! Thanks

#86139 - 07/21/05 10:54 AM Re: Sick goose Help QUICK!!! URGENT
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Fowl not being able to lift the head and neck, is a major symptom of botulism poisoning. For chickens it is a red alert and a crop flush with epsom salts solution is often a life saver.

I simply do not know about Geese, but on the SEARCH function ask for Botulism Poisoning. Take a look and see if it could save your goose. CJR

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I agree with CJR and you need to get as much epsom salt water down him as fast as possible and flush his system. The magnesium in the epsom salt will cuase him to stool and pass the toxins from his system. Trouble is is must be done about every 30 t0 40 minutes and he must consume a substancial amount of water. You might try putting him in tub with 1 cup of epsom salt dissovled and encougre him to drink even offer some crumbles to get him to eat and drink as much of the water as he can. This is not a 1 time treatment. Many use a syringe to flush but the trouble is in order for the toxins to pass constant ridding of the toxins by the stool must be continuous.
What you are seeing is the paryalyzing effects, it usually starts with the neck and works its way to the muscle system to eventually include the heart and lungs with death immediate.
You may or may not have sucess based upon how much toxins were injested to how co-operative the fowl is and how deligent you are with treatment.
I wish you well and please remember that toxins are released by decaying matter which is very common for ducks to forage and find, even plant matter so take to look and see what the exposure was.



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