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#86211 - 06/19/06 09:06 PM My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????

I have a Buff Orpington Hen that is a little over a year or so old..

Well our RIR roosters have pecked away at her feathers on the top.. Well the chickens pecked her wide open on the side underneath her right wing.. the wound is about the size or a large cookie... for lack of a better description..

The wound is starting to stink..

I am wondering if I need ot put her out of her misery, the wound is so big I am afraid she will die or get infested with maggots.. and we didn't catch it till tonight and it smells like it is rotting maybe??

Or should I wait and see if she will heal? I mean I can see the meat and everything..

Thank you very much for your responces in advance..

#86212 - 06/19/06 10:51 PM Re: My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????
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If you use the 'search' option at the top of the page, you will find that many people have been successful at saving hens that were terribly injured. And some not so lucky.

I think first step is to get her out of the flock so she is not pecked at. Then get some antibiotic ointment into that wound. Some people use the cream, or the oilier ointment. I like to use the drops designed for eyes and ears because I can drip it into the wound without sticking my finger into sore flesh. It's a matter of preference or what you have on hand. If all you have is cream, then use it!

If there is obvious junk in the wound, bits of bedding or torn feathers, get them out. I have never had any luck bandaging a chicken, although some have managed too. But once you've got her separated, lathered with antibiotic salve (the kind you buy for yourself at the drugstore), sit back and watch her. If she seems okay, eating, drinking ,pooping, then she may recover despite the bad smell. If she begins to droop, hunch, mope, fluff up and not eat or drink, you will have to decide what to do next. Good luck!

#86213 - 06/20/06 12:01 AM Re: My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????

thank you very much for your help...

#86214 - 06/20/06 05:47 AM Re: My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????
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I had a hen that had a very similar injury as you describe. There were several suggestions on this forum to use something called Schreiners. It is a topical spray that helps to heal and repel bugs in the process. If you look at my post, I have pictures of the injury, a few weeks after using the schreiners. (Progress check, under Chicken and poultry help);f=2;t=002195

I wish I had taken pictures beforehand, but I didn't. Anyway - it really is helping. These animals will amaze you with their healing ability. I didn't think my hen would last the night. But here it is, 3 weeks later, and she is just about back to normal. I don't know if the feathers will grow back, but its' looking better every day.

Good luck Kristy!

#86215 - 06/20/06 08:10 AM Re: My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????

Kristy -
I have always had good luck treating open wounds by using sulfur. Dusting sulfur powder on the wound dries it and stops it from weeping, is an antiseptic that keeps away bugs and helps it heal fast. Another good thing is that you don't have to touch the wound to dust it on. I put mine in an old spice jar with a shaker top and just shake it on once or twice a day. Have had great luck with awful-looking injuries. And sulfur is relatively easy to find.
Good luck.

#86216 - 06/25/06 12:10 PM Re: My Buff Hen has a huge wound, may die what do I do?????
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Sounds like all good suggestions...I have great luck using the blue lotion spary. The spray gets deep into the wounds. Definitely separate from the flock until she's re-feathered. I had a hen heal from a spur wound and I separated the rooster from the flock, only to have the hens peck her as her feathers grew back. Something about fresh growing feathers...they did kill her. So now if I have an injury, they go in a hospital pen adjacent to the other birds, but out of reach.
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