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#86217 - 12/03/05 05:06 PM bad gas, was pasty,no poop now
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I did a search on swollen abdomens but not sure whats wrong. Hen is probley 2 years old or little older, barred rock. Was starting to get pasty rear about 2 weeks ago, had to unplug her at one point and fluid ran out, at least a cup/cup & a half. Wow the smell. been watching her and she hasn't plugged but one other time 2 days ago. Today I picked her up and she fills like their is fluid through out her body. It smells very bad, no bad colors, but haven't seen any poop. She almost looks like she has hemmroids now. She is only releasing small amounts of gas. I am not feeling her plugged up on the inside, but I know something is wrong. I feel no egg or anything hard. This hen is a barn hen and not in my regular coop, so she has more acsess to horse feed that gets dropped. Her beak has been cut so she can't eat alot. This seem to start after she started staying at barn because of the winds and not coming up fence row to get cat food every night. Can I feed her a can if she will eat it? should I give antibiotics or give mineral oil up rear? Just really not sure what to do. Couldn't find anything in Chicken Health Handbook. I am afraid I may be running out of time on her. Any suggestions?

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What did the fluid look like? I'd say she has an infection in her abdomen. Could have started from being eggbound or an illness. If they become eggbound the egg can break inside and cause infection. Doubt it's related to what she's eating or not eating or to the weather. You can feed her whatever she will eat. You can try antibiotics but this sounds fairly progressed. I use Terramycin in drinking water, alot of others here like Tylan. If you don't have a preferance go with what you can get. Try a local farm supply store or vet. I actually get my Terramycin from my father-in-law who is a bee-keeper. I don't remember exact dose now but do a search here for whatever you get and you should find doses for either.


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