Two days ago, their was this one hen who seemed sick. She was all down and sleepy. That day, I powdered her and put her back in the coop. About 1-2 hours later she was back on her feet.

Yesterday went great for her, she was eating, drinking, and had bowel movements.

This afternoon I went to check on them and saw her in the corner all down again. I also noticed that their was water on the opposite side of the coop, maybe she got sick from eating something on that? I used wood shavings, but the entire 1 gallon had fallen over! I cleaned it up and put more more shavings.

I noticed she was getting picked on A LOT in the coop! So I grabbed her and put her in my garage. I wraped her in a burlap bag and she slept away. She opens her eyes when noise is present but that's all.

She pooped in the garage and I saw nothing in or on it that was different. Her crop was half-full when I last check it (about 30 mins/1 hr ago).

I powdered her with my Poultry and Gardening Powder. One of the cats spooked her and she jumped out of the burlap bag and was walking fine around the garage. I managed to put her in a pen in the garage.

I put food and water(mixed w/ Terramycin) in there. But she hasn't touched either yet! I also showed her some lettuce and she seemed intersted, but never ate it.

I don't know what to do next?!? Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to travel w/ my parents about an 1 1/2 away! Will she be fine until tomorrow night, on her own?

Also, I use pine shavings, are they any good?