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#86291 - 02/18/08 04:40 PM Mysterious sickness
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I have this hen that is sick w/ something. She had a sour crop about two months ago, and I cured that problem. But it seems to be coming back. She has a water-balloon like crop which I emptied (by forcfully making her vomit). She is quarteened w/ food and water,but she doesn't eat any of it. I have been force feeding her yougurts w/ live bio-organims.
It is day 3 and she doesn't seem to be getting any better.She is really droopy and sleepy, but is still aware of her surroundings.
Please Help!

#86292 - 02/18/08 05:23 PM Re: Mysterious sickness
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It is best never to force feed or water to a sick bird. When they do not eat, their system will not handle feed (may just spoil in the crop) and it will not go through.

Flushing the crop is an exception. I have used a glass curved eyedropper and carefully inserted it into the esophagas with very small amount of Epsom Salts disoved in water. This was for Botulism poisoning. Epsom Salts is a diarretic and if anything will go through the system, droppings will be watery. Not more than twice a day is recommended for flushing the crop.

The crop has no muscle control, so she cannot vomit, liquid will just pour out, if you hold her upside down and pressure on the crop. It is dangerous, as liquid can easily go down the trachea (choke and even pneumonia can result).

If she won't eat, do not try to make her. Mother Nature controls some of these things--and knows best. Wish I could be more helpful.

Good luck, CJR

#86293 - 03/01/08 08:20 AM Re: Mysterious sickness
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Just a suggestion here, but I treat my hens with coloidial silver. Anytime any one shows signs of illness... I put a few tablespoons in their water. It's natural, so it won't harm them, broad spectrum antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal. I use a lot of natural remedies with my animals with fantastic results.


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