One of my daughter's two remaining partridge cochins stopped walking two days ago. They are April 20th hatches, so about 2 weeks old. I figured on splay leg, splinted the baby, and have not been very successful, I have modified the splints several times, but she doesn't really splay, more like ricketts. Then, yesterday, she seemed puffy, I thought edema from not being mobile. But today, definitely air. LOTS of air, under her skin. I had to wait for approval to post the question on the coop, and thought her breathing was becoming labored, so I popped her this morning. She seems much more comfortable now, but still certainly NOT thriving, and I don't think she's had any droppings at all today. I couldn't find this exact problem in the old postings, but I saw Bill L. referenced an old poutry book that talked about releasing the air under the skin, and another Tom turkey that had air under his skin the owner released and he did okay... any advice? My 8 year old is very worried, I'm a bit resigned, but hopeful.