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#86471 - 12/02/07 06:41 PM blood inside vent
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Help chicken peeps!
I've got a 10 month old buff cochin named Hazel that has had funny looking poop for about 3 1/2 months now. It's egg yolk yellow, and brown. And pretty runny too. And she stopped laying right around the time she started pooping funny. She went through a short molt, and her feathers have grown back.
Okay, so today I noticed that her vent was very messy with that yucky yellow poo, so I cleaned her up back there and swabbed her vent with a q-tip and some mineral oil. Her vent was shrunken--like the opening was the size of a pea! So I did a little "spelunking" and encountered alot of what seemed like swollen tissue, causing significant blockage and I would assume much discomfort to my poor Hazel. I didnt want to hurt her, so I lubed up another q-tip and inserted it about 2 inches and it came out with spots of blood on it. I'm worried that I caused this to happen and what does this mean? How can I treat this? There has never been any blood in her poop, or worms. I have only two chickens, and I feed them both the same and they free range in my backyard. The other one is perfectly fine and lays every day. I don't know of any vets in my area who know how to treat chickens. Please someone give me some advice--I feel terrible and hope it's not too late to get her healthy again. frown

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Have you changed her diet? What does she eat as her main staple? The other chicken does not have the same poop?

I have read other posts about yellow poop on here. Use the "Search" function up in the upper right hand corner and read some past posts (see if any of those applies to you). Try putting in "yellow poop" ; "loose stools"; "runny poop" ; "diarrhea" or "diarrhoea"(although this word is often misspelled, Rhea Dean is real good at correcting spelling).

I think there is normally blood in their vents. I see blood smears on eggs sometimes. CHRIS


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