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#86505 - 07/12/06 07:37 AM Rooster with a broken leg

My smallest rooster, who is obviously at the bottom of the pecking order, appears to have a broken leg. Besides isolate him, what else should I do? Should I try to set it, or just let it heal and have a bird with a limp?

#86506 - 07/12/06 09:29 AM Re: Rooster with a broken leg
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I have no experience with broken chickens (yet), but I do have experience with dogs, cats, pigs etc. Personally, I would splint it on both sides, wrap it well, and keep him isolated till it heals up. Hopefully others will have more chicken-based experience and help!

#86507 - 07/12/06 09:45 AM Re: Rooster with a broken leg
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Broken leg, for sure? It is so rare that you would not know how it happened, if it really is broken. Yes, splint it as described, but watch for other symptoms (of Marek's Disease) which often begins with limping and not being able to use one leg....I am paranoid about Marek's. Hope it is NOT. CJR

#86508 - 07/12/06 10:48 AM Re: Rooster with a broken leg
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My hen broke her leg 2 weeks ago. I think she jumped off the perch & just landed wrong. Anyway, I took her to the basement where I have the hospital cage. I cut a 2 inch length of black irrigation hose. I slit it down the side & opened & closed it a few times to make it pliable. I wrapped her leg in vet wrap for cushioning, slipped the black plastic over the bandage & then secured the leg & plastic hose with more vet wrap. I gave her a shot of penicilin for infection as she had a slight puncture wound from the bone breaking the skin.

She has now been isolated 16 days, eating voraciously & laying me an egg daily. What a trooper! She is now taking tentative steps with the bad leg & putting weight on it. I have unwrapped it twice to check for swelling & infection. All is ok.

Go for the splint as I'm sure you will have success.

#86509 - 08/23/06 12:32 PM Re: Rooster with a broken leg
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You must realize that at the juction, the blood is still attempting to get to the toe. Since it cannot, it sort of bunches up there and has to turn back. This will cause swelling and some discoloration. It will probably just slough off and she will never know the difference. I too would keep her on antibiotics to keep her going. If she still feels of a healthy weight, and is eating and laying eggs, I'd say she'll be just fine! The dark red discoloration could also be bruising. How long ago did this happen?



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