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#86566 - 06/09/09 11:34 PM Chick Cannot hold head up
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I have a Silkie chick about 10 weeks old that cannot hold her head up. She is sitting and her head is on the ground and she is falling over. I noticed her this morning and isolated her in a separate pen but it appears she is getting worse.
I tried forcing some food and water on her but she won't take it. I don't know if she is lacking something or is this a sign of a terrible disease? Is there anything I could do for her? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

#86567 - 06/10/09 03:24 AM Re: Chick Cannot hold head up
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Sometimes it means she got a peck on the top of the head where the bones may not have closed yet. Silkies are bad for that, late to close their skulls. Some recover and some don't. Silkies also need more vitamins than other breeds, I think it might be B vitamins...some one else will have to tell you, as I don't have Silkies myself.

#86568 - 06/10/09 09:07 AM Re: Chick Cannot hold head up
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Could be Botulism poisoning (called limber neck)? If so, need crop flush ASAP with Epsom salt (1 teaspoon per cup of water). There is a description of eyedropper (down the throat--into crop, not lungs)treatment, and then turn upside down to empty (flush) the crop-can save the bird. It is repeated several times a day until the bird is recovered. Sometimes just 2x one day will be enough. It is not common and the bacteria is found in wet litter, so remove anything damp in your pens.

Search function for Botulism will give a more complete description of treatment. GOOD LUCK CJR


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