Hello, I have some 2 week old turkey poults that are not doing well. I have successfully raised hundreds of chickens over the past few years but this is my first attempt with turkey.
They have not seemed right since they arrived. I thought they had a rough trip, maybe got chilled at the post office...
I have had a number of problems with this group and have had several to die.
The most pressing problem is 1)some have bloody stool 2)some have what appears to be the "white diarreha" described in my poultry book as a symptom of pullorum??
None of them have been what I would call "thrifty" (have never eaten well despite all the usual attempts to get them to eat or been very active)
My management items are in good order: clean, dry litter, clean, fresh water and feed, no drafts, correct temperature, etc.
I have been in contact with the avian vet and am planning to sacrifice a chick for testing at the University lab (I'm in Georgia and we have a big poultry deal at the university) but the results take 2 weeks to come back.
I am very concerned about spreading disease to my extremely healthy chicken flock. I am being careful; wearing shoe covers when I go into the turkey house, etc. and they are not in contact with the chickens at all.
I was hoping someone here had had some experience with turkeys and could give me some insight into what might be wrong.
I know I have rambled on and on but I can send more details if that would help.
Thanks so much,