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#86886 - 05/14/07 09:23 AM prolapsed rectum?
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My poor Phoebe Bell (RIR) has the left side of her rectum protruding. She is still pooping and laying, but the protruding part now has a hardened and crusty surface. I have tried bag balm and Prep-H using a rubber glove to assist it back into place, to no avail. I have separated her during day to keep her quieter and not 'picked on', but let her roost w/ the others at night. Any other ideas? The hardened surface bothers be as I don't see how it could possibly retract in its hardened state.

#86887 - 05/16/07 06:24 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?

I had the same thing happen to me. We used the rubber glove trick and pushed it back in, and it worked for us. Shes fine. You might want to boild some water and hold her over the steam (at a safe distance). Havent tried it, but i have heard it to work. Im so sorry!

#86888 - 05/16/07 07:26 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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Did you try raw honey? CJR

#86889 - 05/16/07 10:55 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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Hey Erica, I had the same problem. I don't know about the steam though. I think she'd probably get burned. A safer method would be to take her to your sink and get some water running at luke warm temps. If she's all dried and crusty, it will take a while but just keep bathing the area until you can get her cleaned off. Or you can give her a bath, have her whole bottom side in warm water to let the area soak. Then, once you get her clean, apply honey like CJR said (reduces swelling and also has an antibiotic effect). Keep pushing her back in. Clean her up every day as often as you can and keep applying the honey and pushing her back in. In a couple days, she should stay in.

I wouldn't put her back out with the other birds while she's in that condition though. If they decide to pick on her, they could pull her insides all out and she'd die.

The honey works way better than Preparation H so don't even bother with it.

#86890 - 05/16/07 11:09 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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I have never used honey, except on toast (especialy with peanut butter)! However, others have posted use of honey for chickens for a long time! Do try it, although I can imagine the hen will get dirty on the rear, but warm water will clean it off when necessary.

And lo! on Health Watch, Local TV News, there it was--for people-"use honey on scratches, wounds, for quick healing!"


#86891 - 05/17/07 04:58 AM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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I wonder if it would be helpful to soak her backside in some epsom salt water. Anybody have a thought on that? I sure can't see where it would hurt to try. It just might pull enough of the fluid from the swollen tissue to allow the honey or whatever remedy to work better.


#86892 - 05/17/07 02:04 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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Honey will work by itself in just a few minutes. Wash her up a little, don't get too picky or you may damage more tissue. Coat well with honey and wait about 5 minutes. It may go back in easily then.

#86893 - 05/18/07 05:14 PM Re: prolapsed rectum?
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I used honey on my hen when her leg got ripped open by a grain worked WONDERS! Aside from a 'gimp' she is back to her normal self.


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