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#8691 - 01/07/04 06:32 AM Not to sure what to do

Can somebody please answer this question for me. Tonight it's going down to -27 degrees I have a heat lamp in the coop (always turned on if it gets colder that -15) anyways those girls should be okay. There is a thick layer of shavings (2 big bales) and i'll put in some warm water tonight before work.
However i have a broody bantam (just started sitting yesterday) Is she going to be okay?She is inside a cardboard box. Should i put extra haet in there for her and what kind??
My chicken in the garage will probably have to come in for the night, horses will get blankets and dogs and out door cats will get extra food with hot water. laugh laugh

If someone can respond before 3pm that would be great as i'm heading off to work!! I hope my truck starts tonight at midnight!!! smile

#8692 - 01/07/04 06:51 AM Re: Not to sure what to do

Where is this cardboard box?If she is in the coop she should be OK along with the others. If you are going to have to keep moving her in every night she will probably give up sitting. If she is sitting well can you put her in a box with a "roof"?Most of the heat lost will be from the top. So if you can build a cosy well insulated box around her then her own body heat only has that very small area to keep warm.If the box has a top then the easiest way might be to pile a load of hay or straw all around the sides and on top. As long as she can get out of a gap at the front she will be alright.

#8693 - 01/07/04 07:23 PM Re: Not to sure what to do
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A couple of quotes from another List:

"minus 51 actual temp. No coops are heated but they are draft free."

"Just give them shelter that keeps the wind off them. That's all you need to do even here in South Dakota where minus 40 Fahrenheit is common. We have no problems. Just provide them with a windbreak and lots of (non-frozen) water and feed."

#8694 - 01/07/04 08:16 PM Re: Not to sure what to do

Thank you for the quote, Rogo (you never answered my question to you - I invite you to send me a private message if you wish).

We are having polar weather now. -20 Fahrenheit (-30 C) overnight. We're not having any problems at all.

But the original poster in this thread didn't say if these are adult birds we're talking about or what. Chicks would die in that temp, but adults will be fine. Just keep the wind off them and make sure they have plenty of water and feed. They'll be fine.

#8695 - 01/08/04 08:48 AM Re: Not to sure what to do

Thanks for the replys.
Sorry i wasn't more specific.They are hens in a draft free coop, with lots of bedding. The broody hen is in a totally enclosed box with a little door on the front. I kept the water under the heat lamp and they always have free access to food.
Tonight is going to - 30 so i'll just keep checking like i did last night.
By the way everyone was fine, a little slower this a.m (including myself) but all in all i'm impressed with my ladies.
When the brood hen hopped off for a bit of lunch a barred rock hen took her spot and stayed until the banty was ready to return. I suppose she thought it was to cold for the eggs to left unattended smile
Thanks again for the help laugh


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