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#86938 - 07/18/06 06:55 PM chicken-3rd eyelid white and swollen after skunk attack
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My Barred Rock hen was attacked twice by a skunk. It has been over a week and a half...okay so two weeks maybe. I began the first treatment for her puncture wounds with tetracylcine and fed her through a syringe with her Layer Crumbles and Rooster Booster in water (vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics). Her entire head was swollen. I wasn't seeing enough response, so after a few days I added Sulmet to the remedy. For a couple days she seemed to be improving, but then went down hill. The left eye opened for awhile but the right one never has again and is very swollen. So last night I brought her home preparing to euthanize her. But a friend that had raised many more birds than myself felt she was way too strong to give up on. So I dropped the Tetracycline and Sulmet and switched to Penicillin, 1/2 cc in the thigh and kept up the Rooster Booster. I found (believe it or not) a poultry vet. He is out of the office for two more days, but graced me with a phone call. He applauded the Pen-G efforts and recommend I open the swollen eye to relieve any puss that might be present.

So I did...but I could only get the outer eyelids open. The third was white and sealed shut. That's when I realized the the good eye was not full of mucus, but that the third eyelid was kind of hanging and white and so her eye isn't closing properly. I got some lubricant eyedrops and saturated a q-tip and started rubbing her eyes and also dropping some of the solution into her eyes.

I'll phone the vet again, but pending his ability to return my call, does anyone have advise? I do not want to prolong her suffering... but she is fighting hard and after two attacks, I want to help her if she can recover (and only if).

Any help have cyclosporine for dogs (opthalmic ointment) on hand...if anyone knows if this is appropriate.

AND...rabies in skunks is considered rare here, but not out of the question. Skunk is MIA since I set a trap and built a night pen for the birds.
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#86939 - 07/18/06 07:08 PM Re: chicken-3rd eyelid white and swollen after skunk attack
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I've used cyclosporine on duck eyes and it worked wonders, polysporin as well (very similar if not the same). I would just keep putting drops in, and let the drops flush out any crud in there, and see how she does. Eyes heal incredibly fast. I've had really good luck with dog and horse eye injuries by using a teabag soaked in warm water as a compress, and gently holding it to the eye to soak of crusties and loosen any crud. The bag is very soft, and the tannins in the tea are soothing and work well to loosen ickies. Then I put in polysporin, and give them lots of TLC, calm, and rest.

#86940 - 07/18/06 08:06 PM Re: chicken-3rd eyelid white and swollen after skunk attack
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I'd ask the feed store or ranch supply place if they have this.

I've used it before, although not for the exact same issue, but it might give your girl the edge she needs.

#86941 - 07/18/06 08:35 PM Re: chicken-3rd eyelid white and swollen after skunk attack
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I like your ideas and the suggestions given. However, use gauze pads or a cloth instead of Q-tip. Cotton balls (or Q-tips) can leave those tiny cotton fibers in the eye causing further irritation. I agree on hating to put her down, at least until the vet gets a look at her. Keep nursing her along until you get an opinion from someone who can SEE her.


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