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#86974 - 07/25/06 11:10 AM ANTS
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I need help ants are killing my babies in the incubator. What can i use in such close proximity to the eggs and hatching that won't hurt them.I have lost 3 silkie babies. Please help with info .......Thanks Leslie

#86975 - 07/25/06 04:52 PM Re: ANTS
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try something very sticky like the glue mouse traps

#86976 - 07/25/06 08:41 PM Re: ANTS
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Every year at this time I get ants in my kitchen, can't find the source to save my life. The best thing I've found is a product called Terro. It is a liquid in a dropper type bottle. It comes with little pieces of cardboard, you just put a few drops on there and set it near where you see the ants. The box is bright orange and the Terro letters are blue. I got it at Menards (a chain hardware store) a couple years ago but I saw it this year so I know it's still available. It smells/tastes sweet (so says the box) and the ants seem to be quite attracted to it, usually cures my problem in a day or two. It should be safe enough to set near your incubator, you wouldn't have to put it inside just on the same surface the incubator sits on.

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Is there a possibility you could immediately move the chicks once they hatch, and put them in another "incubator." I usually make this out of a cardboard box. I use a heating pad, cut up sponges for humidity which helps prevent sticky and hard babies, and I cover the cardboard box with a towel to allow heat to escape. If too much is escaping, then I fold the box lids over so that a little space is left at the top of the box for oxygen and heat exchange. how many eggs do you have left to go?


#86978 - 07/26/06 04:20 AM Re: ANTS
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So here's how we handle the fire ant problem (and it's a big one) in Southeast GA.
Create a "water bath" around your incubator. It's not the easiest thing since you need to leave NO WAY for the ants to get across the water - that means the power cord too. We use a large, metal tub and insulate the power cord into a pvc pipe, tape the pipe shut and run that under water too. Water is the only sure thing we've found. We poison one bed, twenty more appear. They are terrible, terrible creatures.
Good Luck.

#86979 - 07/26/06 05:40 AM Re: ANTS
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I went ahead and plugged in my LG and when the temp got right i moved the eggs to there. I treated the room and the area around the incubator. I have 3 new babies this morning and so far so good no ants. Thanks ya'll



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