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#87042 - 04/26/06 08:01 AM Help please - goose wasting away
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We have at present 2 female geese. Brown chinese I believe. The most gentle of these two was recently very insistant on sitting, even though we were removing her infirtile eggs on a regular basis. After more than 3 weeks of this behavior- she quit.

Lost some weight (as I would expect) but I was hoping that now things were back to normal, (no sitting or laying), she'd start to put the weight back on, look/act healthier, etc.

She hasn't. she's gotten worse- slowly, day by day.... wasting away. She used to be FAR bigger than the other female. Now? 1/2 the size.

She's pooping a goose version of blackish cow pies... if that makes sense. one of her eyes is all puffy and sore looking, too. Other goose? no symptoms. Thriving in fact.

Yes, our sick girl is still grazing on pasture daily, and I have seen her drink. But still.... to look at her makes me think she is very, very ill.

No known changes in her environment. She has access to layer pellets (as before) and water to bathe in. we change the drinking water 2x day and the bathing water 1x day.

Thoughts or suggestions please!

#87043 - 04/26/06 07:15 PM Re: Help please - goose wasting away
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Maybe she has an infection? If you want a real opinion or a professional one, maybe you could go to your vet? If she's not eating, I doubt there's anything you can do. Could you possibly give her layer crumbles instead? That usually entices my goose to eat once she's gotten off of the nest. Maybe she was so prepared to set that she is now attempting to go broody again, except without eggs. When my goose goes broody, she will poop that disgusting cow pie! Try putting some corn or something at the bottom of the swimming pool she's using as her "water hole" maybe that will help her get the idea?? I'm sure she'll be fine, as long as she's passing poop, it's a good thing. That means she's eating something!

#87044 - 05/06/06 05:53 PM Re: Help please - goose wasting away
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Have you ever wormed your geese? Also, geese need minerals. free choice red minerals that are fed to horses are always a good source or red pidgeon grit have the minerals mixed in the grit. To help her system you can also mix some feed with some Yogurt to help her. You have to entice her appitite back to stop the regression of her health. You can put minnows in their water pool to entice her appetite too and it is a good source of protein.
good luck.

#107058 - 11/27/12 07:25 PM Re: Help please - goose wasting away [Re: Sally]
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I agree with Sally, you probably want to worm your geese. I have 4 Sebastopols and although they are much more hardy than my chickens, I do worm them.

I just had a chicken at the vet for boarding (lol, don't even ask) and my vet mentioned that her poop was like tar the first day. Turns out she had an infection in her leg and he put her on Sufatrim immediately. It is antibacterial and anti-viral, so it is his go-to when anyone is sick. I wonder if the black poop is a sign of infection?? He is an avian vet and was very concerned when he first discovered it. Just a thought. It won't hurt her to get her on some antibacterials. And from my experience, they go downhill so fast...If she is losing weight and already showing signs, I would get on it RIGHT AWAY.

Good luck! M


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