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#87269 - 12/03/06 01:23 PM Help!! Hens ate elastic on dust masks!
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DS left those paper dust masks wth elastic straps in the barn and I have two hens that ate the elastic. Bith hens have the paper masks hanging out of their mouths and they have eaten he elastic strap part. What to do???? I gently tried to pull the elasic out but the it only, I am afraid of doing damage pulling it out....Do I cut the mask part off and just leave it?... ANY help would be very much appreciated!!!!!
Thanks !!!!

#87270 - 12/03/06 01:46 PM Re: Help!! Hens ate elastic on dust masks!

try cutting one side of the elastic and pulling it out. if not you may have to pull it out as far as you can and snip it off this may cause the crop to become impacted.

#87271 - 12/03/06 02:50 PM Re: Help!! Hens ate elastic on dust masks!
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If that happened to me/my hens, I'd do as rich c said, VERY carefully... be light-handed with the pulling, and if nothing budges, trim it off as close as possible to the mouth. Perhaps the hens' rugged digestive tract (grit, etc.) will be enough to grind that very thin elastic and it will pass through. Note of hope: we have a cat who occasionally eats 4-inch strips of curling ribbon off of Christmas packages. The ribbon always passes through his tract, but comes only partway out his butt (!!), with or without a dangling nurdle attached. We call it his way of "making ornaments", ha ha ha... and we trim the ribbon flush to his rear, until he passes the entire thing. Obviously, we try to keep curling ribbon away from him. I hope your hens will be fine, and now you know to keep masks away! Good luck, try not to worry too much...


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