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#87507 - 04/10/08 04:47 PM Bantam Breathing Hard
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I have a 1 year old cochin bantam hen who has been laying quite fine. Not sure if she has laid in the last couple of days, however.

She is acting normal - eyes bright and clear and comb a nice healthy red. She is eating okay, drinking okay. The only weird thing that she is breathing heavy. Her body moves with her breathing and her tail rocks. I examined her and her crop is clear (not squishy or hard) and no wheezing, no discharge in the eyes or nose. Her throat is clear ( I looked down it).

Her tail is not down but it's not really high either (looks like my other cochins). She moves around okay and preens.

The only other weird thing she does is shake her head often like she is clearing her nose. Her vent is "pumping" for lack of a better word, in tune with her breathing. Her stomach is a little tight.... but not overly. I tried feeling for an egg but wasn't sure of one. I did try to feel her inside with my finger but she got really stressed and started gasping. Also, she is rather small and I didn't want to hurt her with my finger.

I gave her some vet rx in the nose. But other than her body moving hard with her breathing, I don't see anything else that is wrong.

I did listen to her with a stethoscope, but other than hearing her hearth beating fast, there is just the sound of heavy breathing.


#87508 - 04/11/08 03:13 PM Re: Bantam Breathing Hard
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The heavy breathing with the rocking motion is common, not for all but for some. I have hens that do this often and it seems to increase with age. The pumping motion (winking wink ) of the vent is also normal. Shaking of the head could be a little congestion or minor irritation. My gut feeling is that she will be just fine. A day or two will tell. Good luck!

Bill L


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