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#87533 - 01/07/08 11:11 AM sickness ,dieing fast!
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I have just had two Golden Campines die in the last week and a half one was a pullet the next was a rooster and now I fear that I'm about to lose another pullet. They are almost completely mature and have been laying. I first thought it might be coccidiosis because the litter was in need of a change and they could have picked something up in that time. The only thing is that two have died so soon and one died after I tried medicating with amprolium. The're tails hang down and they rapidly lose weight and the combs get small and and turn a deep shade of red a few days before they die! I really really don't want to lose any more so please give me your opinion!!


#87534 - 01/19/08 06:45 AM Re: sickness ,dieing fast!
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My advice would be to see if you can find a farm animal veterinary research university which will do necropsy. At least talk with somebody about your dying chickens. I don't know what your veterinary / farm support system is in Canada.

Also, get a good, relatively non-technical, chicken health book. I use "The Chicken Health Handbook" by Gail Damerow. It at least make you feel less helpless. It also gives instructions on how to do your own necropsy and what to look for for various diseases, parasite infestations, etc. I haven't tried it yet ...

I don't think it's a good idea to just try medicating when you have no idea what might be wrong. There are certainly people on this forum who have a lot of experience with chickens who can make educated guesses about what might be wrong with chickens. I'm afraid I'm not one of them.


#87535 - 01/20/08 03:03 AM Re: sickness ,dieing fast!
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Call the dept of Agriculture and find out where to take a dead chciken, for necropsy. It will cost 25 bucks and you will know what happened. Most of the time they can tell. Sometimes the animal has been dead too long, or it froze, and they can't tell. I have been blessed with healthy chickens, so I don't know from experience.


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