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#87653 - 01/23/07 12:08 PM Sickly Goose
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I have 4 geese, 2 Toulouse & 2 African. They will be 1 year olds in June 2007. They are supposed to be all female, or so the hatchery says. They always run in a pack around our farm, but yesterday one of the Toulouse was nowhere to be found. I called for her and finally found her in the barn with our horses, which is odd, because they tend to run from the horses. She honked once, hoarsely, and hasn't made any noises sense. Usually when they see me coming, they erupt into a frenzy of honks and peeps. She is back to walking around the farm with the others, but she is notably slower and a little unsteady on her feet. I was able to catch her by hand quite easily and noticed her feet and bill were quite pale. She also had what appeared to be "mucus" in her left eye. She just seems very lethargic. She also keeps the feathers on her back a bit ruffled up, not lying flatly against her back. She has also been scratching at her head over the past few days. Do geese and other birds get head colds? The unsteadiness and lethargic walking make me nervous. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure what it is,but it doesn't sound good.

When my chickens feathers puff up I give Arseconium Album (Check Spelling) 30X strength. I put in water and if really severe I give them a whole pill or two by mouth. You can break them down in a few drops of water and put in an eye dropper and feed it to them.

BUT I don't really think that's what this is.

Holistically if I get a head cold I take Zinc or Cholidial Silver. Seems alot of holistic herbs... can also be used on animals. May want to check with others.

Sorry I have no idea. R


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