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#87679 - 06/01/07 09:14 AM Scalped 8 week old

Poor little thing is tryin to hang on.

No skin from behind the comb about 1 1/2 inches back.

Worse is it looks like he lost eyelid and ear flap on left side of his face.

I'm all for giving chances but in these cases am I just prolonging his suffering?

Have cleaned it up best I could. Applied analgesic wound spray. Isolating. But if it is hopeless I'd rather save him more anguish.


#87680 - 06/01/07 04:58 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old

He is eating, drinking and trying to perch so I take that as a good sign. If I can avoid infection developing for him things will be looking better and better.

Any ideas on how to help him along more would be great.


#87681 - 06/01/07 05:10 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old
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It is amazing how they will heal. Even if no feathers regrow, there will be skin covering the scalp. It will heal faster than you might think, if you can keep it moist (First aid cream, triple antibiotic ointment--something like that, opthalmic ointment around the eye). If it was damage by a sibling, you may not find it easy to reintroduce to the flock--even impossible, and do not even try, until it is completely healed. Good luck, CJR

#87682 - 06/01/07 11:05 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old
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Hate to keep banging the same old drum but....honey. I know, sounds crazy, but I'm a believer. Honey is antibacterial, bacteria cannot survive in the presence of honey. Therefore it aids in keeping infection away.

Clean the injury, isolate the bird, warm a little honey until it is drippy and liquidy (not hot!) and drizzle it over the wound. You can apply a new 'dressing' for three or four days in a row. Yes, your chicken will be sticky. But sticky you can deal with later, infected is another matter. Best of all, almost everyone has some honey in their kitchen. It's close to hand. And you need no prescription or vet bill. No kidding, give it a try.

#87683 - 06/02/07 07:21 AM Re: Scalped 8 week old
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I am on the honey 'wagon' as well smile
Had a hen scalped and between honey and neosporin, she healed beautifully! To my surprise, her comb didn't even die.

#87684 - 06/06/07 10:05 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old

ok it has been several days and he is doing good. He has some good granular tissue forming around the edges of the skull. Scalped area has definately gotten smaller.

But this is the trauma -- the eye that had the eyelids ripped up hasn't opened since the first day. It looks like it protrudes more than the other working eye. I can see the eyeball is moving under the tissue but I'm afraid the eyelids are growing together. I have no eye ointment and he is just in torture if I try to discover with even the lightest touch.

Hoping someone will be able to tell me that things aren't growing together and that it will open when it is healed enough.

#87685 - 06/06/07 11:11 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old
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If your bird no longer has a working eyelid, it is probably best for the eye that it is covered for the moment. If he has lost the ability to blink, the eye would dry out and he would go blind in that eye otherwise. I wouldn't worry about his eye while everything heals. Afterwards you can assess whether there is a chance to reopen the lids and restore better sight. I'm sure though that if you can't save the sight in that eye, he will manage perfectly well with one eye. Don't surprise him though by going up to him on his blind side, without speaking to him first.

#87686 - 06/12/07 01:27 PM Re: Scalped 8 week old

You might consider trying neosporin or a similar ointment on the eye area just to keep that tissue moist. It will also help to heal his injury.

Just realized it's been a few days. I hope he's feeling better by now.


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