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#87719 - 12/01/07 03:35 PM Re: HELP! Turkey with Infected Snood!
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Slightly off topic but sort of related...When my dog took suddenly ill and I took her to the vet, I suspected poisoning. The vet looked at her gums. They were bluish purple. He said, your dog has experienced a lack of oxygen to the brain and that shows up in discoloured gums. Same in horses, check those gums to make sure they are pink, which means good circulation and oxygenated blood. Are they dark? Then you've got trouble.

Is this brain / blood / lack of oxygen applicable to poultry? If the turkeys had that disease mentioned by Jrsygntbrdr, perhaps their blood was unable to carry the regular amount of oxygen to the brain? Perhaps that is why there was an off colour look to their combs and wattles? Does anyone know if this is so? DOes bluish comb mean lack of oxygen?

#87720 - 12/01/07 06:26 PM Re: HELP! Turkey with Infected Snood!
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Actually yes! Poultry do experience the bluish/purple tinge in their combs when there is a lack of oxygen.

When we would judge broiler males, sometimes there would be a male that was the best one out of the bunch regarding breast size. This bird might all of a sudden get a blue or purple tinge to his comb. Of course, in this case the bird died within about 5 minutes of the comb turning blue or purple. This looks like it took a lot longer to happen, but it is possible that the lack of oxygen over that period of time would turn his face a bluish color. Then again, there is the underlying fact that these birds look like they are the strains that are used commercially.

heartdog, did you get these birds from a hatchery or breeder? If it was from a hatchery or local feed store it could just be genetics playing a role in their lives. These birds are selectively bred to grow fast on feed. Have they been on a strict diet to keep weight from becoming a problem? It could have been the Fowl Cholera and genetics playing a part. Still very sad when you lose part of your "family."

#87721 - 12/02/07 04:58 PM Re: HELP! Turkey with Infected Snood!
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Thanks guys! Dh husband brought them home as 2 week old poults from the local feed store. We fed them gamebird starter to help slow the growth down.. they were switched to adult food after they finished the big growth spurt. Plus, they free reang a l large area and get fresh grerens. The 2 that died were the biggest birds. Mr Nilson is quite a bit smaller. I was talking to the guy at the feed store and he said they that the Broad Breasted Whites do not have good disease resistance. THey are bred to get market weight fast. frown So far Mr. Nilson seems fine.FIngers crossed.

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